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Welcome to Hayley Edwards and Debora Edwards.  You may have noticed a similarity in the names of our newest recruits… Hayley and Debora are our long awaited, highly anticipated, mother daughter duo!  We are so excited to have both Hayley and Debora here as part of our amazing team.

We asked Hayley, who has been with her previous employer for a rather impressive 20 years, why she wanted to join Gent Law…

‘I have known and had dealings with the team here at Gent Law for a number of years, always keeping a close eye on who their next team member would be! Next it was my turn!  After meeting with both Rachael and Clare back in April it was quite clear that taking a step out of my comfort zone was something that I suddenly felt comfortable to do, having the encouragement and support of my family behind my decision too.  The office is also very local to me which is certainly a bonus! Although it was hard for me to leave my former colleagues, having worked with them for 20 years, everyone here has made me feel instantly welcome and are an absolute delight to work with. Here’s to the start of my next journey and becoming an integral part of this highly regarded team!’  

We also asked Debora, who has been at the same firm as Hayley for the last 9 years, what is was that made her also want to join Gent Law…

‘Well, the heading says it all really! Hayley was offered the opportunity to come and work in the wonderful world of Gent Law. Having had her initial chat with Rachael and Clare, I believe I was brought up in conversation. Having worked alongside Hayley for the last 9 years at another local firm of Solicitors, I was fortunate enough and extremely grateful to also be offered a position here, which of course I couldn’t refuse! I have been made to feel very welcome and look forward to being part of a very successful team here at Gent Law.’

So that’s it, our two newest superheros, officially part of our amazingly wonderful team based here at Gent Law HQ.